Official WIP Land Claiming


Sep 11, 2020
This is work in progress! If you wish to contribute feel free to reply to this thread.
Land claiming!
Start your own hierarchy!

Creating your first land:
A big part of Tippiecraft is about claiming land. To claim your first bit of land you can easily do /claim. Claimed the wrong chunk? Unclaim it with /unclaim.

With /lands view you can see the borders of your claim, this is very useful when extending your land.

Giving your land a name:
Now we want to give our land a fun name! We can easily do this with /land rename [new name]!

Adding a friend:
Let's say you want to play together! You can easily send your friend an invite to your land with /lands trust [IGN]! After that, the player you trusted has to accept the invitation and you're done. Removing anyone from your land is just as easy with /lands untrust [IGN].

Getting more land:
You can continue to claim land with /claim however this will become expensive quickly. Another way to claim land is using a Claim Block these can be obtained from the Vote Crate. Do /vote to obtain a key for that crate and support the server!
There is a limit on how many chunks you can claim, you can see this limit by doing /lands

Extending the limits:
Your limit will grow as you have more members (trusted) players in your land.

Using the claimblock:
To use the claimblock simply place it inside the chunk you wish to claim and you're all done!
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