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Sep 11, 2020
Tippiecraft server rules
These rules apply to our entire network including but not limited to the forums, the Minecraft, and the Discord server.
The rules are a work in progress and can be updated at any time!
The punishment for breaking any of these rules is up to the staff's discretion, there are guidelines but they are not posted publicly.
General rules
1. Any form of discrimination (eg. sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.) will not be tolerated and will receive a severe punishment.
2. If you wish to appeal a staff decision, make an appeal on this forum, or if the punishment is forum related contact staff via the Discord server.
3. If you see anyone breaking the rules, contact staff privately (not in a public channel on discord).
4. Erotic / NSFW / inappropriate material is not allowed under any circumstances.
5. Spamming is not tolerated.
6. You must comply with staff, failure to do so can result in punishment. If you think the staff member is wrong, please contact another staff member.
7. Everything illegal will not be tolerated (eg. doxing, IP-grabbing, ratting, grooming, etc.). If you are found to be performing these illegal activities, you will be reported to the Discord trust and safety team and the authorities if need be.
8. Bypassing any punishments will result in an increased punishment.
9. Harassment (including repeatedly killing another player) is not allowed. We're all trying to have fun here, it's a Minecraft server.

Minecraft server specific rules
1. Any type of client modification that gives an advantage over others is not allowed. Excluding the modifications mentioned below under the "Allowed client modification" tab.
FPS enhancers - Optifine or similar things
Graphic enhancers - Shaders, (not Xray) texture packs, 3D blocks, etc.
VR - Vivecraft
Schematic mods - Schematica is allowed including auto-build, except if the settings are superhuman
Minimaps - Rei’s Minimap (NOT including ESP, those have to be disabled. Examples of these are spawner or chest radars.)
Some examples of disallowed modifications are (keep in mind this is not a full list):
Hack clients - Wurst, WeepCraft, etc.
External clients - Cheat engine
2. Griefing is not allowed except when in official war with another land (this feature is not yet enabled). What constitutes as griefing is up to staff discretion and they have the ability to move structures if need be. If you are unsure if something would constitute as griefing, contact a staff member.
2b. Claiming land nearby another person's claim usually constitutes as griefing, contact staff if you are unsure.
3. Abusing exploits (eg. duping) is not allowed. This includes abusing the current invincibility glitch
4. Do not list items at exorbitant prices on the auction house.
5. TP trapping is not allowed.
6. Do not build or use any 0tick farms, staff has all permission to remove these kinds of structures.
Most importantly: use common sense.
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